Internal Audit Division

The Internal Audit Division, functioning under the guidance of the Departments of the Auditor General and Management Audit, performs a regulatory role to ensure that the funds allocated to the Ministry are used efficiently and effectively to achieve the objectives and aims of the Ministry. For this purpose, the Division prepares an Annual Audit Plan based of the Ministry Action Plan placing emphasis on identified risk areas


1.     Objectively review the process currently in place in the ministry and institutions under ministry.

2.     Examine the procedures, systems, presently in place and report to the top management the weakness identified.

3.     Advocate top management to overcome the issues identified and suggest the recommendation for Water projects, Water board, RSC, Department and the Ministry Activities.

4.     Caring out follow up audits to mitigate the issues made by the previous Audits and chase to achieve the ultimate results.

5.     Handling audit and management committee meeting in every 3 months and raise the audit findings which are in high risk and pointing out the same.

6.     Ensure the Organization is Complying with Relevant Rules, Regulations, Laws and Guide Lines.

7.    Make recommendations on how to Improve Internal Controls and Governess Process.

8.    Conduct Interviews, data collections through island wide regional offices, Analyze data and reconcile the data with the reported data and generally examine the subjected area top to bottom.

9.    Compare the Actual Procedures and the Standard procedures currently in place.

10.Offering guidance to the Project Directors, RSC’S DGM’S, Ministry staff, Water board staff and Department staff. 

11.Examine the existing Financial systems, Procedures in place at Water board, RSC’S, Projects, Department and the Ministry and pointing out the Weaknesses Identified and Introduce the new system

12. Advocate the top management in the Ministry as well as Water board, RSC’S, project staff, Department staff to mitigate issues recognized.




Participating as an observer in Audit and Management Committee meeting held in Water board an advice to overcome the Issues recognized

Handling follow up Audit to mitigate the issues identified in the Water Board A.M.C meeting and chase to get the ultimate results.

Participating as an observer in audit and management committee meeting held in Wassip project and advice to overcome the issues identified.

Handling follow up Audit to mitigate the issues identified in the Wassip project Audit and Management Committee meeting and chase to get the ultimate results.

Head of Staff

chief internal auditor

Mrs.K.A.G Thushari
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